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Meet our team

The Integral Fibroid Management Network (CIMM) is integrated by a group of specialists in Gynecology, Radiology, surgery, and Reproductive Medicine, who are expert leaders in the treatment of uterine myomatosis in each of their fields of specialization.

In order to be admitted into the Integral Fibroid Management Network, each specialist should have satisfied a series of strict requirements:

  • Having proved professional experience in their specialization.
  • Having national and international certifications validating them as experts in their area of specialization and up to date with the advances in their field.
  • Belong to an association related to women’s medicine.

Nuestros expertos

All physicians at CIMM Integral Fibroid Management Network are part of Medica Sur’s community, a world-class leading hospital in Mexico City. All treatments are performed at Medica Sur facilities employing advanced medical technologies.

The following are the physicians who integrate the Medical Council that reviews and assesses every case:

MD Manuel Martínez López


  • Radiologist with over 30 years of experience.
  • Director of Imagen por Resonancia Magnética, operator of the Integral Fibroid Management Network service.
  • Member of the Radiological Society of North America.
  • Member of the Medical Association of the Instituto de Ciencias Médicas and Instituto Nacional de Nutrición.
  • Radiologist and neuroradiologist at the University of Miami and the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.
  • Graduate from the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

MD Yeni Fernández


  • Treating physician at Imagen por Resonancia Magnética.
  • Specialist in fibroid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Member of the Radiological Society of North America.
  • Member of the Sociedad Mexicana de Radiología e Imagen and the Medical Society of the Hospital Infantil de México.
  • High Specialty Graduate in Pediatric Radiology at the Hospital Infantil de México.
  • Specialized in Radiology at Centro Médico Nacional 20 de Noviembre.
  • Graduate from Universidad Veracruzana .

MD Juan Eugenio Cosme L.


  • Certified radiologist with 10 years of experience.
  • Specialist in the Musculoskeletal System and Sub-specialist in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • Professor of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Postgraduate Course at Medica Sur.
  • Member of the Sociedad Mexicana de Radiología e Imagen.
  • Treating physician and Magnetic Resonance Specialty assistant professor at Instituto Nacional de Nutrición Salvador Zubirán.
  • Graduate from Universidad La Salle.

Start today!

With the best diagnosis at the best price: a gynecological magnetic resonance scan

The more precise the diagnosis of your fibroid condition, the best your possibilities are of ending with the troublesome symptoms caused by them. For this reason we are offering you the most advanced diagnosis at the lowest cost.

  • Clinical history and registration of your personal preferences.
  • Gynecological MR imaging of lower abdomen.
  • Assessment of your fibroid condition by a medical council of experts.
  • Consultation to explain you your study results in detail and the strategy we recommend.

Cost of the diagnostic through magnetic resonance scan (, including the assessment and a consultation with an expert to explain to you your results ): $2,163 MXN pesos (around $155 USD taxes included).

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