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ExAblate (MRgFUS*)

Illustration showing a patient during ExAblate procedure

* MRgFUS is the technical name of the procedure: Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery.

The fastest non-invasive treatment

This is the most advanced procedure to treat uterine fibroids. It is unique and innovative because it does not require any cuts or incisions to be made in the abdomen nor the introduction of any tools into the body, in addition to being virtually painless. Moreover, it does not employ anesthesia, just some mild sedatives to help patients relax and be comfortable. An ExAblate treatment session typically lasts 4 to 5 hours, followed by 2 additional hours of rest in a recovery room, after which patients are ready to walk and go home. The remainder of recovery is at home, taking one to one-and-a-half days.

Focused Ultrasound

It is a treatment that ends the biological activity of fibroids when targeting them with high-intensity ultrasound that is focused and delivered onto fibroid tissue, which causes a temperature rise in fibroid cells until they die (ablation).

During the procedure patients must remain lying prone with the pelvic part of their body inside an MRI scanner. Treating radiologists direct the ultrasound with extreme precision onto small areas of fibroid tissue, until achieving a thorough ablation of the fibroid(s). MR imaging is used throughout the procedure to monitor its progress in real time, as well as the temperature changes undergone by the fibroid tissue.

  • Preserves the uterus and consequently, the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Does not require hospitalization.
  • Does not employ anesthesia.
  • Has virtually no side effects.
  • Reduces symptoms almost immediately.
  • Allows patients to resume their everyday life activities in 24 to 36 hours.

Complications and risks associated with ExAblate

  • Does not prevent new, different fibroids from developing in the future.
  • Depending (primarily) on the number, size, and type of fibroids, more than one treatment session could be necessary to achieve a thorough ablation.
  • Cannot treat all types of fibroids.

For further detailed information, you can visit the ExAblate Mexico website.


Interesting facts about ExAblate

Pain during recovery Mild
Hospital stay 7 hours
Recovery at home 1 day
Type of sedation
Sedative  It is required    Local anesth.  It is not required  General anesth.  It is not required

Start today!

With the best diagnosis at the best price: a gynecological magnetic resonance scan

The more precise the diagnosis of your fibroid condition, the best your possibilities are of ending with the troublesome symptoms caused by them. For this reason we are offering you the most advanced diagnosis at the lowest cost.

  • Clinical history and registration of your personal preferences.
  • Gynecological MR imaging of lower abdomen.
  • Assessment of your fibroid condition by a medical council of experts.
  • Consultation to explain you your study results in detail and the strategy we recommend.

Cost of the diagnostic through magnetic resonance scan (including the assessment and a consultation with an expert to explain to you your results): $2,163 MXN pesos (around $155 USD taxes included).

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