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Hormonal therapies

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Temporary relief of symptoms

Hormonal therapies help in some cases to reduce discomfort caused by fibroids. However, their action is temporary and they do not contribute to their disappearance. Therefore they are solutions used for symptoms that are not too bothersome or as a strategy to prep the patient for other procedures.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills can help reduce and regularize menstrual flow when fibroids are causing abundant bleeding. While they are a temporary solution indicated when symptoms are not intense, the use of birth control pills does not make fibroids disappear, reduce their size, or change their growth rate.

IUDs with hormones

There are some intrauterine devices that constantly release small hormone doses to the uterus. Their effect on fibroids is similar to that of birth control pills.

GnRH Agonists

These drugs block estrogen production, generating a sort of menopause that causes bleeding to stop and reduces the size of fibroids temporarily.  Once its use is discontinued bleeding goes back to how it was and fibroids may increase in size.  For this reason, its use is limited prior to surgery.

The use of GnRH agonists goes with typical symptoms of menopause (fatigue, hot flashes, etc.).  Its extended use may affect bone density, increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

GnRH agonists are an excellent choice in some cases, such as when surgery to remove fibroids has been indicated but the patient is anemic due to heavy bleeding and does not want a blood transfusion. Using these drugs for some months prior to surgery will allow the patient to overcome anemia and be in proper condition to undergo surgery without the need of a blood transfusion.

Start today!

With the best diagnosis at the best price: a gynecological magnetic resonance scan

The more precise the diagnosis of your fibroid condition, the best your possibilities are of ending with the troublesome symptoms caused by them. For this reason we are offering you the most advanced diagnosis at the lowest cost.

  • Clinical history and registration of your personal preferences.
  • Gynecological MR imaging of lower abdomen.
  • Assessment of your fibroid condition by a medical council of experts.
  • Consultation to explain you your study results in detail and the strategy we recommend.

Cost of the diagnostic through magnetic resonance scan (including the assessment and a consultation with an expert to explain to you your results): $2,163 MXN pesos (around $155 USD taxes included).

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