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A treatment for each case

Having fibroids (a condition also known as myomatosis) does not necessarily mean that you have to undergo a procedure to eliminate them. Sometimes a hormonal treatment is enough to control their symptoms.

Their removal is necessary when they are large, are located in places where they can cause problems (for instance, if they are impeding the passage of sperm and are therefore hindering the possibility of getting pregnant), or when they are causing pain, pressure, abnormal bleeding, or other bothersome symptoms that deteriorate your life quality.

The case of each woman is unique, both because of the characteristics of each woman’s fibroids and her health condition, in addition to her personal preferences/expectations and her socioeconomic situation. For this reason, our Integral Fibroid Management Network offers you all the choices of treatment available while defining along with you and your treating physician which one is the best indicated for you. Our purpose is providing you all the solutions in a single point.

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These are the choices of treatment we offer

Hormonal Therapies

They help to reduce discomfort and fibroid-related symptoms, though they do not solve the problem itself of fibroids. On occasions they are used as a strategy to prep patients for another procedure.


It is an innovative treatment that employs focused ultrasound to end with uterine fibroids without the need of conventional surgery.  It does not require hospitalization, it preserves your fertility, and recovery takes one day to one day and a half.


It consists in blocking the arteries that supply blood to the fibroid(s) so as to make their biological activity cease.  It preserves your uterus and requires at least one day of hospitalization.  Recovery at home takes from 6 to 10 days.


It is a surgical procedure that removes the fibroids from the uterus. It requires anesthesia and a hospital stay of 1 to 3 days. Recovery at home takes from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of surgery performed. Myomectomy in general preserves the uterus and the possibility of pregnancy.


It is a surgical procedure that removes the uterus, along with the fibroids in it. It requires anesthesia and a 2-to-3-day hospital stay. Recovery at home takes 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of surgery performed. It ends with any possibility of pregnancy because the uterus is removed.

Alternative medicine

There is an extensive supply of diverse natural therapies on the Internet and elsewhere, such as naturopathy, homeopathy, massages, acupuncture, etc. We do not have any scientific studies that support their effectiveness, so CIMM does not offer this type of treatments.

Start today!

With the best diagnosis at the best price: a gynecological magnetic resonance scan

The more precise the diagnosis of your fibroid condition, the best your possibilities are of ending with the troublesome symptoms caused by them. For this reason we are offering you the most advanced diagnosis at the lowest cost.

  • Clinical history and registration of your personal preferences.
  • Gynecological MR imaging of lower abdomen.
  • Assessment of your fibroid condition by a medical council of experts.
  • Consultation to explain you your study results in detail and the strategy we recommend.

Cost of the diagnostic through magnetic resonance scan (including the assessment and a consultation with an expert to explain to you your results): $2,163 MXN pesos (around $155 USD taxes included).

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